Become a YEYS fact checker

YEYS is around the corner and this year we're talking disinformation!
We believe that we can only create a well informed society by joining forces!
As of 14 February, you can join our social media campaign aimed at raising awareness about the harm that disinformation and fake news can cause in our society. Together we will build a community able to spot disinformation easily and which chooses to share only verified information online. How can you do that?
Become a YEYS fact checker and protect the internet from fake news!
What do you have to do? Follow our Instagram account to find out all the info you need to take part in all four of our weekly challenges while tagging us and other friends.
Once you have taken part in all the challenges, you'll get a personalised YEYS fact checker certificate and the chance to take part in a lucky draw and be one of the 10 winners of a voucher for planting a tree.


How can you become a YEYS fact checker?

Join the following challenges:

Challenge 1: What's the fake?

With the rapid flow of information in today's society, citizens are faced with an overwhelming amount of disinformation and fake news; elements that can easily impact our daily lives and communities. That's why we'd like you to help us identify fake news and show us the consequences of the spread of disinformation.
What do you need to do? Share an Instagram story with one piece of fake news you have encountered and tell us why it's fake and how it can harm society. It can be anything from disinformation on vaccines, migration, climate change, … you name it!

This challenge will take place between 14 - 20 February 2022.

Challenge 2: What's the hoax?

A hoax is a plan to deceive or trick someone, such as telling the police there is a bomb where there isn’t one. There are many examples of hoaxes both in history and today, of which some were better planned than others. Many were intended to be amusing or spiteful, while a few were carried out to make a point. Being aware of the existence of hoaxes helps us recognise them more easily and stop their rapid spread both online and offline.
For this challenge, we'd like you to do a little research and share an Instagram story in which you give an example of a hoax. Explain in one or two sentences what the hoax was about and when it took place.

This challenge will take place between 21 - 27 February 2022.

Challenge 3: What's the solution?

Fake news and disinformation are tools that can easily harm democracy. It is a hot topic of discussion: how can we find ways to solve these concerns without undermining the advantages that digital media can offer? How do you think we can combat disinformation?
Share an Instagram story with us in which you name three ways of combating disinformation.

This challenge will take place between 28 February - 6 March 2022.

Challenge 4: What's the slogan?

Finally, we'd like you to get even more creative! Imagine that you're the leader of a fictional campaign on combating disinformation. What would the message be that you'd like to share with the world?

Share a story with a picture and a slogan made by you for a fictional campaign on combating disinformation!

This challenge will take place between 7 - 13 March 2022.



Steps to take to become a YEYS fact checker

1️⃣   Follow @youreurope on Instagram

2️⃣   Complete the challenge by posting a story or a post

3️⃣   Use the hashtag #YEYSFactChecker

4️⃣   Tag @youreurope on Instagram 

Optional: Tag your friends to join the challenge!

IMPORTANT: Is your account in private mode? In that case, tagging won't be enough, so make sure you send us a direct message with a screenshot of your story!

Who can participate?

Everyone everywhere can participate. You just need an Instagram account and the motivation to complete all four challenges!

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