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The EESC's event for young people

This animated video clip presents Your Europe Your Say, the annual event of the European Economic and Social Committee for young people. It explains how it works and how to participate.

YEYS,The EESC's event for young people

Your voice matters to us at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

Your voice matters to us at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

We want to know what is important to young people in Europe, get their take on today’s challenges and work together to find solutions.

Our annual ‘Your Europe, Your Say!’ event (YEYS) in Brussels brings together 16-18-year-old students from all EU countries and the five candidate countries to debate today’s hot topics. During two days of dynamic discussions, participants share their own experiences and ideas, get a taste of how the European Union works, come up with proposals, and vote on resolutions for tackling the challenges facing Europe



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About YEYS 2019

It's a big year for both YEYS and the EU. In 2019, YEYS celebrated its 10th anniversary and a decade of giving a voice to young people from all over Europe. 2019 is also an election year and the forthcoming European elections were at the centre of the young people’s debates.

On 21 and 22 March 2019, 102 students and 36 teachers from all 28 EU Member States and the 5 EU candidate countries (Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey) and from one Brussels-based European School, along with three participants from previous YEYS events, met at the EESC in Brussels to share their voices, views and energy.

Over two days, they proposed and debated actions that the European institutions and national governments could take to increase people’s engagement in politics and in the European elections. They then voted for the resolutions they should ask the European institutions to consider.


the years

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TheYEYS community

Join the yeys Community

Our YEYS Community is a new way for students and teachers who took part in a YEYS event to keep in touch – both with each other and with the EESC.


About the EESC

The EESC ensures that society’s interest groups have a say in Europe’s development

The EESC issues opinions that help shape European policy

Learn more about the EESC line

Employers, trade unions and professional and community associations representing consumers, young people, people with disabilities and others all have a seat at the table.

As a consultative body, the EESC issues opinions that help shape European policy, giving it a distinct place in the EU’s decision-making process.

eesc for young people

eesc for young people

Young people come to YEYS to tell the EU what matters to them and to share their ideas for their future in Europe. Although issues have moved on and off the radar over the years, there have been some constants.

Check out the summaries of EESC’s work on the topics that mattered most:

your Europe your Say

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