EC Progress Report on the EU Forest Strategy

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Information memo: EC Progress Report on the EU Forest Strategy

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In 2013, the Communication ‘A new Forest Strategy: for forests and the forest-based sector’ set a new EU framework to coordinate and ensure coherence in forest-related policies and enhance the contribution of forests and the forest-based sector to EU objectives. Its guiding principles are:

  • Sustainable forest management (SFM),
  • the multifunctional role of forests,
  • resource efficiency and
  • global forest responsibility.

The strategy engages the Commission, Member States and stakeholders to work together towards a common vision and a coherent planning and implementation of forest-related policies.

It sets two key objectives for 2020:

  • ensuring that all forests in the EU are managed according to SFM principles, and
  • strengthening the EU's contribution to promoting SFM and reducing deforestation at global level.

Both address the three dimensions of sustainable development, providing a holistic approach to forest management and policy.