Environmental, social and health claims

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Mnenje EESO: Environmental, social and health claims

Key points:


  • invites the Commission to put forward European methodologies for measuring and communicating the overall environmental impact of products and services and to compile an inventory of official labels;
  • hopes that the Commission will revise the guidelines facilitating consumers' and businesses' access to reliable and transparent information and will clarify the use of environmental, ethical and health-related claims in marketing communications;
  • encourages Member States' consumer authorities to carry out a "sweep" of environmental, social, ethical and health-related claims, to be able to assess the situation today on the basis of real data;
  • believes that the EU should equip itself with a coherent, comprehensive and consistent legal framework for regulating on-line marketing communications;
  • calls on the European Commission and the Member States to develop initiatives for surveillance, monitoring and sanctions in relation to existing self-regulation and co-regulation schemes in the area of environmental, social and health-related claims.


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