Customs reform package

EESC opinion: Customs reform package

Key points


  • highlights the need to attract specialised expertise for customs in non-traditional domains such as environmental protection, communication, customer support and social security, by promoting customs careers among the younger generation and implementating training and re-skilling programmes across all Member States;
  • advocates for a clearly defined strategy to integrate AI into customs systems, while preserving ethical considerations at every stage of the process;
  • disagrees with the proposal to treat an application as denied if any customs authority misses the set deadlines for communicating its decision. Contrary to the Commission proposal, applications should be considered accepted in such cases;
  • recommends that EU companies should be granted unrestricted access to all laws, regulations, guidelines, and pertinent advice concerning their customs-related operations. The EESC specifically asks for a dedicated role for the EU Customs Authority (EUCA) in supporting SMEs.

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