Prices of medicinal products for human use

EESC opinion: Prices of medicinal products for human use

Key points: The EESC:

  • notes that lengthy pricing and reimbursement processes contribute to postponing the launch of innovative medicines to the market which in turn has a negative impact on patients;
  • underlines that in order to promote equal competition and create a single market, the directive should not be limited to the public insurance schemes, but should apply to the whole market, including private health insurance schemes;
  • stresses that effective mechanisms in the Member States are necessary to control and enforce compliance with the time limits for pricing and reimbursement decisions;
  • points out that, with respect to the shorter time limits, the highest priority must be patient safety;
  • suggests that the Transparency Committee established already by the previous directive should have a broader representation;
  • considers that patient and consumer organizations should have the right to request initiation of the process of inclusion of medical products in health insurance systems;
  • notes that health insurance companies have an increasing role and influence; therefore, Member States should carry out a regular review of their activities;
  • asks Member States to regularly review the prices and reimbursement of those medicinal products where costs are unreasonably high for the health insurance schemes and patients;
  • urges that decisions on price increases, freeze, reductions and other approvals should be based on transparent and objective criteria;
  • opposes Article 14 of the proposal on non-interference of intellectual property rights and emphasizes that a balance should be kept between authorisation of reimbursement of medicinal products and the legitimate interests of third parties in their IPR;
  • calls on the European Commission to accept in external relations special rules for vital, expensive medicines applicable to developing and emerging countries.

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