The Conference on the Future of Europe

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The future is in your hands -  Bringing the European project back to citizens

Give a real say to citizens

As set out in the Joint Declaration signed on 10 March 2021 by the European institutions, the Conference on the Future of Europe aims at connecting and engaging with citizens.

The main aim of this key project - to which the EESC is fully committed – is to give a real say to citizens. The objective will be putting civil society back at the heart of the European political agenda, through an effective and consistent engagement with citizens, and making sure that they regain trust in the European project.

The Conference, officially starting on 9 May 2021, will be a decisive moment for the EU.

The EESC, with its 329 members coming from all the 27 Member States, represents all walks of life (employers, trade unions and civil society at large). As the voice of European organised civil society, it will actively engage in the Conference and aim at making the difference. As part of the Conference Plenary and as member of its executive board, the EESC will do its outmost to bring the debates on the ground, thus playing its unique and undisputed role of bridging the gap between the European institutions and the organised civil society, at national, local and European level.

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Christa Schweng, President of the EESC

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by EESC President Christa Schweng



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