Study on Youth employment

Youth employment is a key priority of the European Economic and Social Committee and its Labour Market Observatory.

The Observatory carried out a study on the implementation of EU policies for youth employment in a selection of six Member States: Austria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Italy and Slovakia, seen from a civil society perspective.

The study deals with topics such as the implementation of the Youth guarantee, the transition from school to work, the Quality Framework for Traineeships, the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, the intra-EU mobility and the level of involvement of organised civil society in policies for youth employment.

This exercise gives national stakeholders an opportunity to put forward their comments and recommendations, providing for an opportunity for mutual learning and better understanding of the functioning of national systems.

The study involved social partners, youth organisations and public authorities of the selected countries and we warmly thank them for their commitment and cooperation.


Video message of Christa Schweng, President of the LMO