European Transport Policy. Europe on the Move – Volume 1

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Transport and mobility are crucial for Europe's economy and competitiveness as well as for all citizens. However, the transport sector is currently undergoing a number of profound technological, economic and social transformations, which challenge its traditional features. In order to turn these challenges into opportunities and modernise mobility and transport in Europe, the European Commission has recently come up with a major political initiative entitled "Europe on the Move" and divided into three "mobility packages" published between May 2017 and May 2018.

This brochure will provide you with an overview of the EESC's positions, conclusions and recommendations in the form of the eleven opinions adopted to date, referring to proposals released within the European Commission's first and second mobility packages. It will be followed by a second volume to be published at the end of this year giving civil society's response to the third mobility package proposals, which we are currently dealing with.

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European Transport Policy. Europe on the Move – Volume 1