Illegal content/online platforms

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Illegal content/online platforms

Key points


  • emphasises the importance of establishing a suitable and balanced regulatory framework for platforms in the digital single market that could help to establish a climate of trust, both for businesses and for consumers;
  • considers it necessary to maintain consistency with the recommendations of its previous opinions;
  • stresses the importance of technology neutrality and of coherence between rules that apply online and offline in equivalent situations, to the extent necessary and possible;
  • is of the view that appropriate measures should be taken by the Commission against the growing presence of violent and/or discriminatory messages on platforms;
  • recommends that particular attention be paid to the effectiveness of actions taken in relation to online platforms based outside the EU;
  • states that  the Communication should include a reference to the potential impact of illegal content on the Single Market;
  • strongly welcomes this Communication which, in general, provides a sound approach to tackling the presence of illegal content on online platforms.

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