A Comprehensive approach to industrial policy

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Udvalgets udtalelse: A Comprehensive approach to industrial policy

Key points


  • urges the Commission and the Member States to adopt a long-term and comprehensive strategy with a global vision
  • believes that specific policy changes regarding education, R&D activities, public and private investment and productivity must be on the agenda to achieve a better balance between the Member States in the field of competitiveness
  • strongly believes that Europe's attractiveness must be a priority for any industrial policy based on innovation and competitiveness
  • fully supports the annual "Industry Day" as a way of highlighting the EU's priorities
  • considers that new policies on skills should be designed with the involvement of civil society organisations and the social partners in order to speed up the adaptation of education and training systems to match the new jobs that are on the horizon
  • believes that it is crucial for a level playing-field that a compromise be reached concerning the respect of fair trade among global players

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