The Brewers of Europe (CMBC)

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The Brewers of Europe (CMBC)
The purpose of the Guidelines is to ensure that commercial communications for beer do not lead to excessive consumption or misuse of any kind, i. e. that beer marketing is directed only at those above the legal drinking age and is carried out with care and discretion, so as not to encourage excessive or irresponsible consumption. The brewing industry wants to demonstrate its ability to conduct its business responsibly, by self-regulation of its commercial communications and the active promotion of the highest ethical standards. Commercial communications refer to advertising, promotions and sponsorship. Specific objectives include: improving sector's image; increasing clients' trust in the quality of the products/services; raising industry standards; avoiding government regulation. The Guidelines are intended for use throughout the Member States of Europe and accession countries. They are not meant to replace existing national codes, but rather to provide a common basis to be incorporated into national codes, to fill in gaps where necessary. Where no codes exist, the Guidelines will provide the basis for codes for beer. Increased consistency will help to ensure that self-regulation is effective. In November 2005 "the Brewers of Europe" has adopted a "Position on voluntary responsible consumption messaging" advising on the philosophy to follow for such company or national messaging.

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Responsible Commercial Communications Guidelines for the Brewing Industry

Position on voluntary responsible consumption messaging