Civil Society Media Seminar "European media and informed citizenship"

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"European media and informed citizenship" took centre stage at the 8th EESC civil society media seminar, organised under the Italian presidency in Milan from 27 to 28 November 2014.

In four panels ("The EU in the news: generating interest and citizen engagement", "The EU and the media in neighbouring countries", "Connecting citizens, the media and the EU in a digital society", and "EP elections 2014: This time it was different") journalists, scientists, politicians and officials from European institutions offered their expertise and views, and triggered some interesting and lively discussions.

The gist of these lectures and discussions is summed up in this post-event brochure, which the EESC provides to anyone who is interested. It might be used as a valuable guide for current and future communication strategies.


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CIVIL SOCIETY MEDIA SEMINAR - European media and informed citizenship