Revision of the EU Emission Trading System for Aviation

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EESK specializētās nodaļas atzinums: Revision of the EU Emission Trading System for Aviation

Practical information

Rapporteur working alone

Administrator : Ágota BAZSIK, Assistant : Jacqueline NYEMA

Foreseen for the TEN section meeting 9 November 2021

Foreseen for the EESC Plenary meeting 8-9 December 2021

Gist of the Commission document

This proposal is part of the Fit for 55 Package and introduces amendments to the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) legislation in relation to its application to aviation to ensure that;

(1) aviation contributes to the 2030 emissions reduction target in accordance with the European Green Deal;

(2) the EU ETS is amended as appropriate in respect of the ICAO’s Carbon Offset and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation; and

(3) allocation of emission allowances in respect of aviation is revised to increase auctioning.

The objective is to revise the EU ETS in respect of aviation emissions in a cost-effective and coherent way in line with the Union’s increased climate target, while taking into account the need for a just transition and the need for all sectors to contribute to the EU climate efforts.

As indicated in the European Green Deal, reducing climate change impacts from aviation requires a mix of policy instruments, as there is no one single solution to decarbonise the sector. The revision of the EU ETS for aviation is therefore part of a so-called “basket of measures”, which includes market-based measures like the EU ETS and CORSIA, the boosting of the production and uptake of sustainable aviation fuels (“SAF”), aircraft technology improvements and operational improvements through e.g. the Single European Sky initiative.

The ‘Fit for 55’ package is a comprehensive step in overhauling Union legislation to align it with the EU’s increased climate ambition. All initiatives in the package are closely interlinked, and each one depends on the design of the others. Therefore, it is proposed that the above described initiative would be adopted at the November TEN Section meeting when the other initiatives of the package will be discussed.