Hearing on New Growth Plan and Facility for the Western Balkans

The Commission is proposing a new growth plan for the Western Balkans based on four pillars, aimed at:

  1. Enhancing economic integration with the European Union’s single market, subject to the Western Balkans aligning with single market rules and opening the relevant sectors and areas to all their neighbours at the same time, in line with the Common Regional Market;
  2. Boosting economic integration within the Western Balkans through the Common Regional Market, based on EU rules and standards;
  3. Accelerating fundamental reforms, including on the fundamentals cluster, supporting the Western Balkans' path towards EU membership, improving sustainable economic growth including through attracting foreign investments and strengthening regional stability;
  4. Increasing financial assistance to support the reforms through a Reform and Growth Facility for the Western Balkans, a new instrument worth EUR 6 billion in non-repayable support and loan support, with payment conditioned on the Western Balkans’ partners fulfilling fundamental reforms, and in particular specific socio-economic reforms.

This hearing will focus on:

  • Presentation of the Commission's proposal and view of the Regional Cooperation Council and
  • Views from organised civil society and international organisations