ECI Day 2023

The 2023 edition of the EESC's annual European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) Day took place on Thursday 8 June.

Participants in Brussels and online joined us to engage with high-level institutional representatives,  civil society organisations and ECI organisers and supporters, and to discuss how to upskill citizens for a successful ECI with impact.

As part of the European Year of Skills, ECI Day 2023 focused on the skills that organisers need to make their initiative a success. This included providing participants with practical tips and recommendations in the form of "How-To" workshops on topics such as how influencers can help an ECI succeed, or turning an idea into a European Citizens' Initiative. Drawing on organisers' experience, the opening session discussed ways to enhance the ECI tool itself. 

In the afternoon, we explored the (potential) role of the ECI tool in European Citizens' Panels, identified links to European Parliament elections and investigated the skills needed for young people to be actively and successfully involved in participatory democracy, particularly the ECI. As in previous years, organisers were also given the opportunity to present their initiatives. 


ECI Day 

The European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) is a welcome instrument for participatory democracy at European level. Introduced by the Lisbon Treaty, it entered into force in 2012 and allows Europeans to make legislative proposals and participate in decision-making by connecting directly with EU institutions. It is a chance for them to discuss and influence key policies and it sheds further light on the public's view of the EU's agenda and priorities. The ECI Day is an important forum and platform where registered and future ECI organisers and stakeholders can exchange information and experiences and present their ECI and activities to the public. 

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