Semi-prestigious promotional items

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Subject of the contract

The EESC is planning to enter into a framework contract for the supply of semi-prestigious promotional items. The customisation of the promotional items using the logos and/or website address provided by the EESC, as well as the delivery of the customised items at the EESC premises form an integral part of the call for tenders.

Type of contract

The EESC intends to conclude a framework contract for 12 months, renewable up to 3 times, each time for a period of 12 months, for a total duration of 4 years.

Indicative calendar

  1. Launching of the invitation to tender: estimated timing is mid-September 2017
  2. Deadline for submission of offers: around 4 calendar weeks following the launching of invitation to tender


Send your expression of interest to participate or request for information to the following mail box (before the deadline mentioned below):


Friday, Syyskuu 8, 2017 - 23:59