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"From April 2012, European citizens will enjoy a new right, which will give them a stronger voice in EU affairs when the European Citizens’ Initiative enters into force. From that moment on, they will be able to express their demands in a new, unprecedented way. By collecting one million signatures across Europe, they can call upon the European Commission to propose or change European legislation. The European Economic and Social Committee has been an advocate of citizens’ rights to participate since the beginning of the European project.

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The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has organised the second edition of a competition to design an innovative, sustainable and creative design product, including packaging, with a strong civil society message.

The European Commission Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry and CUMULUS (International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media) joined forces to increasing the communication impact and enhancing European institutions involvement in sustainable design practices and innovation.

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"Dialogue and participation. Sustainability and growth. Solidarity and development.
These are the priorities of my presidency, which will form the scope of the Committee’s actions, together with the sections’ work programmes."
(Staffan Nilsson, President of the European Economic and Social Committee)

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Cover President's work programme EN
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Since it was founded over 50 years ago, the EESC has made a difference across the range of EU policy and law-making, through opinions and advice informed by organised civil society. This publication demonstrates, through a whole range of recent practical examples, how the Committee is working to improve people's lives not only within the EU, but also further afield.

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"Inspired by a European spirit, the EU's national economic and social councils and the EESC worked together tirelessly to create a European network of economic and social councils. Thanks to the commitment of the presidents and members of all the councils, the network has helped forge

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EU national economic and social councils and similar institutions
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"Mario Sepi’s term as president of the EESC
has been marked by an extremely complex
economic situation created by the financial,
economic and social crises of these last years,
not to mention worsening poverty and
marginalisation and, one positive event,
the Lisbon Treaty’s entry into force. ..."

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Annual activity report
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This Final Annual Activity Report 2007 has been drafted in accordance with the Financial Regulation and is the main yearly reporting tool used by the European Economic and Social Committee in order to report to the budgetary authority.

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