Small claims procedure / order for payment

EESC opinion: Small claims procedure / order for payment

Key points


  • welcomes the proposed regulation, which is intended to facilitate trade within the internal market and improve access to justice in cross-border disputes;
  • supports the proposal to extend the procedure's scope by raising the ceiling and broadening the concept of "cross-border disputes";
  • endorses the proposal to limit the costs of proceedings, but recommends to clearly define that term to ensure that the measure is effective;
  • considers that all ways and means of making procedures easier for the parties (including the use of new technologies) should be supported;
  • reiterates the need to provide for consumers and SMEs to have access to assistance throughout proceedings and emphasizes the role of consumer associations, European consumer centres and business federations in this respect;
  • draws attention to the fact that the stated aim of encouraging the regulation of small disputes will not be achieved unless appropriate information on its existence is made available;
  • considers that in order to be effective, the procedural forms must be clear and easy for everyone to understand.

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