41st Meeting of the EU-Türkiye Joint Consultative Committee

The EU-Turkey Civil Society Joint Consultative Committee established in 1995 is composed of members from the EESC and members representing organised civil society in Turkey. Its objective is to contribute to the dialogue among civil society organisations in Turkey and the EU and to issue reports and recommendations to the Turkish authorities and the EU institutions.

The JCC discusses a wide range of topics, including cooperation between Turkey and the EU in various areas such as migration, energy, small and medium-sized enterprises and vocational training.

This meeting focused on:

  • The state of political, economic and trade relations between the EU and Türkiye
  • Presentation of reports on SMEs and social partners
  • The space for free and independent civil society to participate in political, economic and social life in Türkiye and the EU
  • The views of Türkiye and the EU on migration issues



FINAL Joint Statement_41st meeting of the EU-Türkiye Joint Consultative Committee_4 October 2023