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Usvojeno on 26/04/2012
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Apr 25, 2012 Apr 26, 2012

The EESC is fully supportive of the revised directive and it finds much in the regulation which it can support. The EESC has a major concern about the applicability of the regulation to SMEs and it recommends that the more radical proposals be revised.

Mišljenje EGSO-a: Annual accounts and consolidated accounts - Audit - public interest entities

Usvojeno on 18/10/2017
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Since the launch of the Digital Single Market strategy in May 2015, the Commission has delivered on all key measures and presented 35 proposals in total. The Commission calls for swift co-legislative agreements and for all parties to ensure that the measures proposed are rapidly adopted and implemented to allow people and businesses in the EU to fully benefit from a functional Digital Single Market. With the DSM's results among the more tangible for EU citizens, the EESC is particularly interested in the impact on consumers.

Mišljenje EGSO-a: Digital Single Market - mid-term review (communication)

Usvojeno on 19/06/2019
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Jun 19, 2019 Jun 20, 2019

The EESC notes that the international role of the euro has not yet recovered to the pre-financial crisis level. Whereas the European Commission's proposed measures are welcome and deemed necessary by the EESC, they may not go far enough given the extent of the euro area's social and economic challenges. Social cohesion, economic upward convergence and the promotion of competitiveness and innovation should be the basis on which the euro area's economy gathers pace and supports a stronger international role for the euro.

Mišljenje EGSO-a: Towards a stronger international role of the euro

Usvojeno on 20/03/2019
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Mar 20, 2019 Mar 21, 2019

The key to maximising the positive impact of standardisation is to develop synergies inside the European standardisation system, taking into account also the international dimension and the inclusiveness of standardisation.

Mišljenje EGSO-a: The annual Union work programme for European standardisation for 2019 (Communication)

Usvojeno on 09/07/2014
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Jul 09, 2014 Jul 10, 2014

The EESC welcomes the Commission communication and emphasises the growth potential of crowdfunding in the EU as an alternative source of funding. It also emphasises the dependence of SMEs on bank loans, a situation that will persist despite the existence of alternative sources which are not always easy to access. Therefore Crowdfunding should be explicitly recognised in the laws of the Member States as a new form of patronage.

Mišljenje EGSO-a: Crowdfunding in the European Union

Usvojeno on 06/07/2017
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In its Opinion, the EESC draws attention to significant inefficiencies still existing in both the formulation and implementation of SME policies, warns against a bureaucratic approach still prevalent in EU policies and calls for a visible, coordinated and consistent horizontal policy for SMEs, based on a multiannual action plan. The EESC also proposes that the Commission assess whether the current definition of SMEs corresponds to their heterogeneity, sectoral dynamics, specific features and diversity during the last decade.

Mišljenje EGSO-a: Improving the effectiveness of EU policies for SMEs (own-initiative opinion)