Videoconference with simultaneous interpretation packages for full remote EESC meetings taking place in 2021

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Contract type: Service + supplies


Provision of packages, on a per-meeting basis, including the usage of a videoconference platform allowing simultaneous interpretation and related simultaneous interpretation services needed. The packages are intended for full remote EESC meetings, where no EESC infrastructure (meeting rooms, interpretation booths) will be used. The packages shall include remote simultaneous interpretation services, usage of appropriate technical facilities (videoconference platform allowing simultaneous interpretation), and technical support for the duration of each meeting. Each package will be object of an individual tendering procedure based on the specific needs of each event in terms of interpretation, date and duration. Each tendering procedure will include two separate Lots: Lot 1 – interpretation and Lot 2 - technical facilities.

Minimum requirements for interpretation services: up to 6 simultaneous active languages with certified professional conference interpreters who are AIIC members (International Association of Conference Interpreters) and/or accredited to European institutions. Interpretation is intended to be provided remotely, no dedicated infrastructure will be made available by the EESC. 

Minimum requirements for technical facilities: videoconference platform allowing up to 6 simultaneous interpretation channels, and up to 500 active participants. The solution shall be web-based and accessible via direct links providing secured connections, and shall grant the possibility to define multiple user privileges (minimum chairperson/active participant/passive participant). The platform shall allow moderation of the proceedings via a dedicated interface. The participants interface shall include a screen share function for presentations, an integrated chat and an integrated poll/vote system. Technical support shall include setting up the videoconference session and sharing the connection details prior the meeting, and monitor the session throughout the meeting.

A separate procedure will be launched for each specific meeting taking place in 2021.


Send your expression of interest to participate or request for information (before the deadline mentioned below) to the following mail box: 


Wednesday, Joulukuu 23, 2020 - 12:00