Federation Veterinarians of Europe (FVE)

Summary of the initiative

Federation Veterinarians of Europe (FVE)
The objective of the Code is to serve as a basis for FVE member organisations wanting to implement their own GVP/Quality management scheme. The purpose of the Code of Good Veterinary Practice is to give confidence that veterinary surgeons are working according to a set of standards to guarantee at all times that a quality veterinary service is being delivered and that they are trustworthy partners.

Description of the Initiative



    Contact Point - Commission
    SANCO DDG2.G.2

    Self/Co-Regulation Basic Act

    Title of Act
    Federation Veterinarians of Europe (FVE), Code of Good Veterinary Practice

    Geographical Coverage

    Global coverage
    Participating Countries
    Other countries
    Albania, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, FYROM, Ukraine.


    Problems that lead to the introduction of Self/Co-Regulation and the adoption of the Founding Act
    Target Group(s)
    Veterinarian organisations / veterinarians.
    Type of Instrument(s)
    Code of Conduct and quality management.
    Type of Monitoring
    Conduct an initial survey of compliance capacity of future regulateesConduct regular visits and spot checksInitiate complaints proceduresMaintain database of those bounded by the normsProduce regular reportsReceive complaints and verify if norms were breached or notReflexive dialogue with the - stakeholdersOther
    European Commission
    National public authority
    International public authority
    Private regulator (code owner)
    Private independent party with a mandate (e.g. auditors)
    Self-appointed private parties (e.g. NGOs)
    Succinct description of the type of Monitoring
    There is no monitoring of performance set up in the Code. Complaint handling is done by national organisations.
    Type of Enforcement
    Faming, shaming and blamingJudicial sanctionsMembership suspension/exclusionPrivate finesOther
    Private Regulator
    Private independent party with a mandate (e.g. auditors)
    Court system
    Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) / Online dispute resolution (ODR)
    Succinct description of the type of Enforcement
    There are no sanctions for non-compliance in the code.


    SMO self- and co-regulation database - private code 130