Prospects for long-term smart, sustainable development of European offshore industry and its relations with the EU's maritime sectors (own-initiative opinion)

The offshore industry comprises offshore energy production, together with the gas, oil and minerals extraction sectors. Some of the most rapidly developing markets are linked to these sectors, offering potential for long-term sustainable and smart growth. Maritime industries linked to the European offshore industry, including sectors such as shipbuilding, ship repairs and conversion, marine equipment and shipping supplies, have both specialist expertise and the requisite human potential enabling them to tap into markets linked to offshore sectors.


The purpose of the opinion should be to:


• discuss means of achieving long-term, sustainable and smart development of the European offshore industry and enabling it to compete in the global economy, at the same time as ensuring safety at sea and meeting environmental requirements;

• suggest measures to develop human resources for the offshore sector, as a decisive factor for the sector's competitiveness;

• assess the impact of EU legislation and initiatives on the offshore industry, and identify measures that could be taken by the Commission and the Member States.