General-purpose AI: way forward after the AI Act


The exploratory opinion requested by the Commission will focus on General Purpose Artificial Intelligence models (General Purpose AI) and the systems based on these models, their use by institutions, bodies and businesses and the impact they have on economy and society. Its aim is to support the implementation of the AI Act, in particular as regards General Purpose AI and their governance. It will, more specifically, contribute to the preparation of the codes of practice that are to be drawn on the basis of the AI Act and cover the new obligations around General Purpose AI. It will look at how AI systems built on these advanced models can be used to improve production, business models or public administration. It will also provide recommendations on the possible next steps ahead of Europe in the field, including but not limited to responding to selected initiatives mentioned in the recently released Communication on boosting AI start-ups in the EU. Lastly, it will aim to contribute to the global discussions around General Purpose AI (otherwise called as the most advanced AI foundation models, frontier AI or even the early stage of Artificial General AI) and their governance. The preparation of the opinion and follow-up activities will be further supported by work of Committee´s Digital Transition and Single Market Observatory (DSMO).

Practical information

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