Future proof regulation (Exploratory opinion from the Slovak presidency)

EESC opinion: Future proof regulation (Exploratory opinion from the Slovak presidency)

Key points:


  • believes that high quality, simple, comprehensible and consistent legislation "is an essential factor in integration, not a burden or cost to be reduced";
  • considers that the "innovation principle" must be applied intelligently and carefully, particularly in the areas of social and environmental protection, health and consumer protection;
  • believes that European legislation should always aim to create a legal framework that enables businesses and citizens to benefit from the advantages of the internal market and to avoid unnecessary administrative burdens;
  • considers European legislation to be future proof if it is proactive and forward-looking, while being based on the Community method;
  • thinks that regulatory costs must be proportional to the benefits they generate;
  • maintains that each piece of future proof legislation must remain true to its original objective and be able to be enacted flexibly;
  • is in favour of clarifying the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality;
  • considers itself well placed to act as intermediary between the legislator and civil society organisations and the social partners;
  • considers that impact assessments of legislative measures must be taken into account in the legislative process but cannot replace the political process;
  • asks that it be consulted when the Commission, the Parliament and the Council come to an agreement on the withdrawal of legislative proposals as it is important to assess the material and immaterial consequences of such withdrawals.

Appendix to the exploratory  opinion:

  • List of the opinions and information reports of the EESC on related issues (see the appendix below under "Related Documents").


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Annexe à l'avis exploratoire SC/045