EU Strategy for Energy System Integration

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Practical information

  • Composition of Study Group
  • Administrator: Alessandro RIZZI, Assistant: Denise IVANOVICH
  • Foreseen for the TEN Section meeting: 16 December 2020
  • Foreseen for the EESC Plenary session: 27-28 January 2021

Gist of the Commission document

In line with the European Green Deal, the European Commission Communication sets out a strategy and 38 actions to ensure that energy system integration, by linking different energy carriers, infrastructures, and consumption sectors, can contribute to an efficient, resilient and secure energy system, reducing costs for society.

The European Commission calls for an energy system with energy efficiency at its core. The strategy identifies concrete actions to apply the ‘energy efficiency first' principle in practice and to use local energy sources more effectively in buildings and communities. The Communication also proposes accelerating the electrification of energy demand, building on a largely renewables-based power system. For those sectors where electrification is difficult, the strategy promotes clean fuels, including renewable hydrogen and sustainable biofuels and biogas.