EU space law

Practical information

  • Composition of the study group
  • Administrator: Alessandro RIZZI, Assistant: Baiba SPUNDE
  • Foreseen for the TEN section meeting:  21 June 2024
  • Foreseen for the EESC plenary session:  10-11 July 2024


In March 2023, the EU Joint Communication on a "European Space Strategy for Security and Defence" indicated space as an important and strategic domain, underlining that space systems and services in the European Union were crucial for the functioning of society and the economy, and also for security and defence.

In the absence of an EU regulatory framework, Member States are currently developing their national laws on space, with the risk of fragmentation which could negatively affect the competitiveness of EU industry, the security of the EU and its global influence in multilateral fora.

The European Commission is therefore planning to propose an "EU space law" in the first quarter of 2024, with common rules on safety, security, and sustainability in space. Such a proposal would try to address the current challenges in the space domain, which include proliferation of satellites with the related risks of congestion and collision, and a high level of security threats against space infrastructures.