Chips Joint Undertaking

EESC opinion: Chips Joint Undertaking


  • shares the strategic objective of increasing the strength of Europe's semiconductor ecosystem and agrees that Europe needs to attract investment to design and produce the most advanced chips, but it believes that strength would be better achieved if European researchers, engineers and the skilled workforce were encouraged to stay in Europe.
  • believes that the Commission should have at least provided a smart matrix for dynamic simulation to help the co-legislators and civil society to foresee the potential impact of the proposal.
  • believes that intellectual property is such a key element to compensate the investments and research efforts of EU innovators, while meeting the needs of implementers/users, and to make it possible to drive innovative semiconductors and create a solid state-of-the-art European chip ecosystem that it should be mentioned in the provisions of the proposal, and not only the explanatory memorandum, which has no legally binding effects.

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