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1st part of the meeting chaired by the outgoing Chair

1. Adoption of the draft agenda

2. Adoption of the minutes of the 20th EU DAG meeting held on 15 September 2020


3. Confirmation of the internal composition of the EU DAG

4. Election of the Chair and the Vice-Chairs

2nd part of the meeting chaired by the incoming Chair



5. Information from the European Commission

  • EU-Korea trade relations and the implementation of the TSD chapter: Guillaume Durand, Policy Coordinator, Far East (TRADE.B.1), DG TRADE; Nuno Sousa, Policy Officer, Bilateral relations in Trade and Sustainable Development, Generalised Scheme of Preferences (TRADE.C.3), DG TRADE
  • Next steps of the dispute settlement procedure under the TSD chapter following the publication of the report of the hearing: Colin Brown, Head of Unit, Legal Aspects of Trade and Sustainable Development and Investment (TRADE.F.3), DG TRADE
  • Overview of EU-RoK dialogue and cooperation on environment: Natalija Dolya, Policy Officer, Global Sustainable Development - Bilateral and Regional Environmental Cooperation (ENV.F.2), DG ENV

6. Update on the current political situation and the latest developments in Korea: EEAS (tbc)

Forward planning

7. Discussions on the work programme for the 2020-2023 mandate, based on suggestions from the three subgroups

8. Any other business.


Programme 21st meeting of the EU Korea DAG