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15/04/2015 16/04/2015

The exhibition So long ago in the future. Dreams for Future Odysseys was a display of 50 paintings by final-year students at the Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts High School in Bucharest, Romania.

This event was organised by the Space and Society group on 15 - 16 April.

18/03/2015 16/04/2015
Exhibition of artwork, handicrafts and photographs of the Sámi people

'Discover the Sámi people' is an exhibition of artwork, handicrafts and photographs that showcase the way of life, little known even today, of the Sámi people, who are the only indigenous people in the EU and live scattered over a vast expanse of land covering three countries.

The exhibition will be open to the public from March 18 to April 16 and is located in the foyer of the JDE 6th floor.

18/02/2015 06/03/2015
Exhibition of aerial photos by the photographer Juris Kalniņš

Bird’s eye view of Latvia is an exhibition of aerial photos by the photographer Juris Kalniņš, who since 1995 shows the beauty of Latvia.

The exhibition, which fits into the Latvian EU Presidency, will be open from 18 February to 6 March at JDE 6th floor - Foyer.



21/01/2015 04/02/2015

The EESC will host an exhibition called "Images of Forgiveness", a sensitive project chosen as part of the Committee's activities to commemorate the anniversary of the First World War.


"Images of Forgiveness" is the brainchild of the British journalist Marina Cantacuzino and the photographer Brian Moody, who have collected numerous stories of people whose lives have been shattered by violence, tragedy and injustice and who are learning to forgive, reconcile and move on.

The opening will be held on 21 January 2015 at 7 pm at the JDE Foyer 6. The exhibition will remain, at the ground floor of JDE, until 4 February 2015.




16/12/2014 19/01/2015

The EESC will mark the end of the Italian Presidency by holding a cultural evening on 16 December 2014, starting at 6 p.m.

The tenor Massimo Crispi and the pianist Marco Rapetti will present "L'Europa galante" (a selection of musical pieces on romantic themes by key European composers).

The concert will be followed by an exhibition entitled Europe before Europe, which will open at 7.30 p.m.

It will be possible to admire 35 original works of great value and beauty, commissioned by the Italian enterprise 'Modiano' between the late 19th century and early 20th century.

The exhibition will remain open until 19 January 2015.

10/12/2014 15/01/2015

Twenty-five years ago, citizens' uprisings across Eastern Europe overthrew totalitarian regimes and led to the fall of the Iron Curtain. Since then, the death strip that once divided Europe has been turned into the European Green Belt, a unique ecological network that both commemorates Europe's turbulent 20th century history and bears witness to civil society's power in the struggle for freedom and democracy.

This exhibition is being co-organised by the EESC and the European Green Belt Initiative. It will be opened on the JDE ground floor by the EESC president, Henry Malosse. Other speakers include Gabriel Schwaderer (European Green Belt Initiative), Adalbert Kienle (EESC member) and François Wakenhut (European Commission, tbc).

31/10/2014 25/11/2014

From 30 October to 25 November, the EESC will be exhibiting a selection of original documents belonging to the Fellini Foundation. The foundation has the world's largest archive of artefacts such as letters, photos, contracts, costumes etc. relating to "il maestro" (9 000 original documents).

The exhibition is designed as a journey themed around a circus – a venue where art and artists co-exist, and an environment that fired Federico Fellini's imagination throughout his career.

It was in Teatro 5 at the very heart of Cinecittà, starting in the early 1960s, that Fellini gave new life to this universe of fantasy and poetry. Fellini paid homage to the world of show business in a number of his masterpieces, including La Strada, I Clowns, and .

10/09/2014 10/10/2014

After the long break, the summer light will continue to shine brightly for a whole month, beginning on 10 September, in the form of the paintings brought together for the exhibition Made in Italy - the colours of Dario Brevi. This exhibition, one of the events marking Italy's presidency of the European Council, will provide an opportunity to get to know one of international contemporary art and design's most highly-regarded figures, whose approach is both innovative and original, while exemplifying the age-old knowledge of the greatest Italian tradition.

07/07/2014 17/07/2014

As part of the EESC's food waste initiative, one of the "Wind of Change" projects supported by the Committee's president, Mr Malosse, the EESC is hosting this photo exhibition.

04/06/2014 27/06/2014

Every year since 2007 the EESC organises four literary lunches, which usually take place in the month of June. This year the literary lunches will concentrate on the subject of travel.