Tuesday 4 October

3 .00 p.m. Opening of the 1st meeting of the EU-Chile Joint Consultative Committee (JCC)

  • Statement by Mr Edgardo Riveros, Chilean Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs.
  • Statement by Ms Styliani Zervoudaki, EU Ambassador and Head of the EU Delegation.

3.20 p.m.  Round-table presentation of the JCC’s member organisations (Short presentation of the 18 members)

3.40 p.m. 

  • Statement by Mr Miguel Santibáñez, chair of the JCC’s Chilean component
  • Statement by Ms Lidija Pavić-Rogošić, the chair of the JCC’s European component.

4.05 p.m.   Official Photograph (Minister for Foreign Affairs, Director of European Affairs, Head of the EU delegation and 18 delegates)

4.15 p.m.  Press briefing  (Minister(s) for Foreign Affairs and the two JCC presidents)

4.15 p.m   Cocktail reception hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Wednesday, 5 October

9.30 a.m. Welcome statement by the Director of European Affairs

  • Discussion and adoption of the JCC’s Rules of Procedure
  • Discussion on civil society participation in the EU-Chile Agreement and prospects for updating the Agreement

11.15 a.m. Coffee break

11.30 a.m. Discussion and drafting of a list of topics of common interest for future JCC work agendas

12.45 p.m. Discussion and adoption of a joint declaration

1.30 p.m. Cocktail reception hosted by the European Union Delegation to Chile.


1st JCC EU-Chile - programme