Just and Sustainable Europe

Extraordinary Meeting of the Workers' Group

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The need for a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable Europe is fundamental for the future. In particular, the pandemic has not only provoked a health crisis, but also pushed our economies and societies to the limit. To discuss a sustainable future for Europe, the Workers' Group is organising this event. In the first part, the study 'From the COVID-19 emergency measures to defend employment and health and safety in the workplaces, to a new strengthened system of Industrial relations' commissioned by the Workers' Group will be presented by their authors, together with the presentation on the OXFAM report on inequality and the FES+FEPS Report on Tacking Regional Disparities in Europe. 

During the afternoon session, the Just and Sustainable Economy Package will be discussed, including both communications about Decent Jobs and Job Quality, and Sustainable Corporate Governance. They will be introduced by the French Presidency and presented by the European Commission and Eurofound representatives.