1. Adoption of the draft agenda

2. Adoption of the draft minutes of the 4th meeting held on 2 December 2020

3. Confirmation of the internal composition of the EU DAG

4. Implementation of Japan's commitments to ILO core conventions

  • Mr Ryusuke Tanaka, Programme Officer, ILO Office for Japan

5. EU-Japan relations

  • Ms Beatriz Pérez de la Fuente, EEAS

6. State of play of the TSD implementation, followed by a discussion on the interaction with Japanese civil society and Japanese DAGs

  • EU CTSD Co-chair Ulrich Weigl, DG Trade

7. Follow-up of the joint meetings in January 2021

  • Reporting by the lead persons for each discussion topic
  • Topics for follow-up

8. EU DAG work priorities 2020-2023 and topic for a desk study

9. Reporting from activities under the Rethinking Plastics project

  • Presentation by Alexandre Detroux, DG ENV

10. Any other business