EU Global Health Strategy - Better health for all in a changing world

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Opinjoni tal-KESE: EU Global Health Strategy - Better health for all in a changing world

Key points

  The EESC:

  • supports the adoption of a renewed EU Global Health Strategy and recognises the urgent need for global action to address communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases, improving disease surveillance systems, vaccination programmes, access to essential medicines, addressing antimicrobial resistance, and enhancing health systems.
  • stresses the significance of adopting a comprehensive approach to health by addressing the social, economic and environmental determinants of health.
  • recommends enhancing investment in health (including in digital health) to strengthen the EU's global leadership role and underlines that health considerations, including mental health, should be integrated into all areas of EU external engagement such as trade agreements and development cooperation.
  • expresses concern about the shortage of healthcare workers and stresses the importance of improving working conditions and taking into account workforce migration.
  • recommends aligning existing EU health-related activities with the objectives and priorities of the Global Strategy, developing robust health diplomacy, and supports seeking formal EU observer status in the World Health Organization.
  • suggests a broader developmental support agenda for countries most in need. Cooperation strategies and actions should be pursued with countries facing socio-economic challenges to put the health targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development back on track.
  • calls for the establishment of a civil society engagement mechanism for the effective implementation of the strategy, as well as for improved governance at country level, taking into account the complexity of health systems and shifting towards more systemic approaches.