EESC Workers' Group Declaration in solidarity with LGBTIQ people

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In view of the approval by the Hungarian Parliament of a legislative package with a clear discriminatory content against LGBTIQ people, which violates the Human Rights of these people and prevents the free exercise of sexual and affective diversity in Hungary, the EESC Workers' Group:

  • Welcomes, thanks and expressly endorses the institutional declaration issued by the EESC and signed by the EESC President, the Presidency of the section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship and the Presidency of the group on Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law.
  • The EESC, as well as the European Parliament, the European Commission and a broad group of EU Member States have reacted swiftly to protect the principles, values and rights recognised in Article 2 TEU.
  • Respect for Fundamental Rights and respect for pluralism and diversity, protecting minorities and avoiding discrimination, are a fundamental pillar of the EU model: any threat or attack must be answered immediately and forcefully as it calls into question everything that DEMOCRACY means.
  • From the Workers' Group side, we are and will be attentive to any attempt to intoxicate coexistence in the EU, through the dissemination of discriminatory or even insulting and hate speeches against minorities or groups, and we commit ourselves to an immediate and - if possible - united reaction at the EESC level.
  • We voice our concern about the expression in the EESC of speeches that seek to justify and/or legitimise stigmatization speeches or speeches that violate Fundamental Rights.  
  • We recall and insist that defending Human Rights is NOT a political or ideological issue, since it is the basis of democratic coexistence itself.
  • We are aware that, unfortunately, we have not witnessed the last of these types of attacks and we remain firmly committed to confronting such speeches and actions, always in defence of the values and principles of the EU.


EESC Workers' Group Declaration in solidarity with LGBTIQ people

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