Podcast EESC Member Cillian Lohan on Youth and Climate


EESC Vice-President Isabel Caño on YEYS


Podcast EESC Member Tellervo Kylä-Harakka-Ruonala on EESCs' contribution to climate issues


Opinion TEN/661: Role of transport in realising the sustainable development goals, and consequent implications for EU policy-making

Practical Information

Listen to Chloé, Cécile and Adela for more practical information on the event:

Podcast YEYS2020 Team (Text version below)

Want to know more about the COP simulation?

Listen to the moderators Leen and Viktor, answering all your questions regarding the COP simulation:

Podcast YEYS2020 moderators

Practical Information

Arrival in Brussels

When you arrive in Brussels by plane on the 18th or the 19th of March, we will meet you in the arrival area of Brussels Airport at the European Information Desk and you will easily recognise us with our Your Europe, Your Say banner. The hostesses will give you your information kit and your tickets for the transfer by bus to the city.
For those who will arrive to Brussels by train, from Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and The Netherlands, you will receive a package with your information kit around the 14th of March, which will include your itinerary for the entire YEYS event, with your ticket buses and your information on how to go to your hotel. 
If you are part of the French or the Turkish delegation, you will arrive in Charleroi Airport where a shuttle will pick you up from the airport to the hotel. 


The hotel is the First Europe Flag Hotel, just five minutes' walk from the Schuman Square and around 10 to 15 minutes' walk from the EESC. 


In order to have a pleasant breakfast you will be divided in three groups with different time slots, starting at 6:15 in the morning, then 6:45 and the last one at 7:15

Getting to the EESC

After breakfast, you should go to the entrance of the hotel where our trainees will pick you up. We have two programmes, one for the teachers, who will leave the hotel at 8:00 in order to reach the European Commission on time and one for the pupils, who will leave the hotel at 8:15. Please, don’t forget to bring with you your badges and your ID cards or passports. 

Free time in Brussels

For those of you arriving on the 18th  of March or in the morning of the 19th of March, you will have some free time to explore Brussels. You will be expected on the 19th at 12:30 at the EESC. You have all the information needed in your emails and your practical info.  

COP-simulation group division

Once you arrive at the EESC, you will receive the colour that will match your group. There will be three groups, the green, the red and the blue committee. Once divided in committees, you will be divided in sectors by the moderators.

Teacher's programme

The teachers will have their own programme. They will go to the Commission, the Parliament and the Council of the EU to do trainings on teaching methods regarding the EU. The teachers will then join the students for the final plenary session on Friday at 14:30.  

Original idea

On Thursday, the 19th of March, at 18:00 the students will present their one-minute pitch of an original idea to combat climate change. After each idea is presented, all the students will vote for their favourite. The idea with most of the votes will win. The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to attend the EYE event in Strasbourg. Please send us the title of your pitch beforehand.

Last plenary session

After the last plenary session, the delegations can prepare and present something regarding their culture. It can be a musical or a dance performance. At 17:00 the event will end, so for those who will still stay in Brussels, you can explore the city. If inspiration needed, please take a look at the Info Kit, where you can find some suggestions on what to do in Brussels.