2nd DAG-to-DAG meeting under the EU-Vietnam FTA

The 2nd meeting of the EU and the Vietnam Domestic Advisory Groups (DAGs), so called DAG-to-DAG meeting established under the Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) chapter of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, took place on 18 October 2022. This was the first time the members of the respective DAGs met in person, and they exchanged views on the work of the DAGs since the last online meeting in 2021 and discussed the ratification of ILO conventions and global supply chains in the context of due diligence. You may find here the Joint statementThere was also a workshop on the energy transition and the preparations for COP-27.

The DAG members of each Party also met together on 20 October 2022 at the Joint Forum on Trade and Sustainable Development, which was open to civil society organisations from both sides. You may find here the Statement by the EU DAG on the occasion of the 2nd meeting of the Vietnam-European Union Committee on Trade and Sustainable Development, which took place the day before the Joint Forum.