European Pillar of Social Rights - EESC Debates with organised Civil Society in the Member States

The EESC organised debates with organised civil society in all Member States between 2 September and 2 November 2016. The debates were coordinated by three EESC members ('trios') from the country concerned, often in co-operation with the European Commission (15 debates) or the national Economic and Social Council (7 debates). Participants came from a wide range of employers' organisations, trade unions and other civil society organisations, as well as, less frequently, academia. Overall, close to 1800 representatives of civil society organisations participated in the 28 debates.

A set of key questions was used as a basis for the discussions in the majority of debates. The debates covered a wide variety of issues, reflecting the different national systems, priorities and circumstances. Following the debates, the coordinating trios prepared national reports which, in most cases, included Conclusions and/or Recommendations.

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EESC Debates with organised Civil Society in the member states on the European Pillar of Social Rights