EESC opinion: InvestEU

Key points:


  • welcomes the fact that the package of regulations on the future multiannual financial framework includes the InvestEU proposal to strengthen investment activity in the EU, including long-term investment projects that are of high public interest, while also respecting the sustainable development criteria;
  • appreciates the European Commission's efforts to create an umbrella financial instrument that will result in unified management, enhanced transparency and potential for synergies;
  • stresses the need to carry out a thorough market test of projects with a view to ensuring the adequacy of specific projects that lend themselves to the use of financial instruments;
  • appreciates the fact that, in addition to promoting sustainable infrastructure, SMEs and innovation, the InvestEU programme also focuses on social investment and skills;
  • points out that there should be no underestimation or neglect of social investment, which must be as important as investment aimed primarily at development and entrepreneurship, welcomes the possibility of a specific, user-friendly manual aimed at identifying the appropriate project typology, finding examples of their synergy with the other chapters of the multiannual financial framework and ensuring adequate implementation in Member States;
  • appreciates the expected positive impact of the InvestEU programme on the development of financial markets in the Member States;
  • stresses the considerable need for an appropriate structure for the implementing partners, especially at national level.