Innovation policy

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Mišljenje EGSO-a: Innovation policy

Key points:

The success of this strategy will depend more on the Commission's and Member States' real political will to ensure its implementation, on the quality of partnerships, particularly with civil society, and on the establishment of dialogue with the people, rather than the funding earmarked for it. The EESC therefore calls on the European Council and the Commission to put forward an action plan for growth and employment in Europe (EU 2020).

The future European innovation plan should be backed by a proper action plan with a schedule for implementation and progress monitoring. In this respect, the legal form of the plan (recommendations, "act" or any other form) is less important. It is the content and the precise, quantified commitments – complete with dates for its implementation – that will determine its effectiveness.

The goal of this "strategy" must be to put into practice a proper "Community" policy for relaunching the European economy.