EU forests – new EU Framework for Forest Monitoring and Strategic Plans

Practical information

  1. Composition of the Study group and timeline
  2. Administrator / Assistant in charge: Arturo IÑIGUEZ / Lukáš ĎURECH
  3. Contact


The proposal foresees:

  • a system for mapping and localisation of forest units,
  • a forest data collection framework combining
    • standardised data from EU Earth observation technologies (Copernicus satellites),
    • harmonised data, largely based on National Forest Inventories, collected by the Member States,
  • a forest data sharing framework that will make sure that data is publicly accessible, also in Forest Information System for Europe,
  • synergies with and support for the implementation of other key European legislation on climate mitigation and adaptation, bioeconomy, biodiversity, etc. such as the revised Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry legislation and the Nature Restoration Law.