Towards a Net Zero Industrial Future: Harnessing the Power of the Single Market

The 30th anniversary of the Single Market has sparked a debate on its competitiveness, particularly in light of the US Inflation Reduction Act. Opinions differ on whether the act will have a significant negative impact on the EU industry, or whether it should be viewed as a critical first step by the US towards combating climate change at a global level.

This debate is closely linked to the concept of the EU's open strategic autonomy, which seeks to boost the EU's economic and technological resilience, reduce reliance on external actors, and create a level playing field in global trade. The discussion will consider these aspects from a forward-looking perspective, highlighting concrete barriers and challenges faced by the Single Market.

The debate will also look into how the social dimension of the single market plays a crucial role in protecting the rights of workers and promoting social cohesion and solidarity across the EU.

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