Stay with us

The EESC is hosting a photo exhibition entitled "Stay with us" to mark one year since the catastrophic earthquake that hit Croatia in December 2020.

The series of photos highlights the devastating effects of the natural disaster specifically in the Croatian regions of Sisak, Petrinja, Glina and the surrounding areas, the ruins left behind and the countless issues that still need to be addressed for a return to normality, one year since it happened.

The exhibition is an initiative of the Associations of Craftsmen of Sisak and of Petrinja, Glina and Topusko. The virtual photo exhibition will depict cases of craftsmen who were left without their business premises or opportunities to continue their activities, but who kept on inspiring with their example, staying united and optimistic.

The goal of the virtual exhibition is to raise awareness of the impact of catastrophic natural events and their effect on all kinds of human, social and commercial activities, while also shedding light on the problem of a traumatised economy in the affected area, with the simple request – "stay with us".