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29/04/2014 30/05/2014
at the dawn of the 20th century

As part of the cultural activities taking place under the Greek presidency of the EU, the EESC, in cooperation with the Central Museum of the Risorgimento in Rome, will be hosting this photo exhibition.

21/05/2014 28/05/2014

In association with Bulgaria’s Minister of Culture, the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union and UNESCO, the EESC is hosting this photo exhibition.

26/03/2014 25/04/2014
Out of time beauty

Photo exhibition

26/02/2014 21/03/2014

The photo exhibition created by Claudine Celva in the ONU city (located between Haine-St.Pierre and La Hestre, Belgium), shows the transformation of a series of social dormitories and accommodations built in haste to offer a home for the immigrants who came to work in the Belgian mines.

07/03/2014 14/03/2014

In the framework of the International Women's day, the EESC and its Joint Committee for Equal Opportunities (COPEC) are pleased to host the photo exhibition:

09/12/2013 13/12/2013

To spread the idea that forests are essential for the survival of the man and the world, the European Commission invited children aged of 6 to 10 years to express their feelings, their vision on forests in a drawing. The contest "What is the forest for me?" was a great success and hundreds of works were received. The exhibition will present a selection that confirms that forest are a great source of artistic inspiration…

26/11/2013 29/11/2013

The exhibition Ukraine where I want to live gives a fresh and new vision of the different regions of Ukraine. The drawings presented were made by very young artists who took part, with 707 others children, in the competition launched by the Ukrainian publisher Gerdan Company, the Lviv regional organization of the National Artists Union of Ukraine, the Lviv Academy of Arts, the National Museum of Lviv.

12/11/2013 22/11/2013

The European Economic and Social Committee is delighted to host the exhibition ''One Day in a Child's Life''. This photography exhibition aims to confront the public to the challenges that NGOs and privately sponsored foundations are facing in contemporary Russia. It is a striking collection of photographs charting the lives of children suffering from disabilities or illness, orphans, and those from impoverished families.

11/10/2013 25/10/2013

The Workers' Group is organising an exhibition on Italian migrant workers in collaboration with the European Trade Union Confederation. The exhibition opens on 11 October with the presentation of 2 books on the subject.

20/09/2013 30/09/2013
Art exhibition

In the context of the conference 'Increasing the involvement of civil society from the outermost regions in EU policy making' in the presence of Henri Malosse, EESC President, the European Economic and Social Committee will host an art exhibition. In cooperation with the outermost regions and their representations in Brussels artists and museums will show paintings, photographs and other artistic works that give an impressive portrayal of their culture and daily lives.