Proposal for an EU cyber defence policy

EESC opinion: Proposal for an EU cyber defence policy


  • would have expected organised civil society to be granted a more prominent role in developing the proposal for an EU Cyber defence Policy;
  • emphasises the need for additional measures to enhance the EU's ability to detect cyber threats and calls for R&D funding to be directed towards developing cutting-edge EU capabilities;
  • believes that a dynamic, real-time testing and information sharing platform should be developed in order to enhance the Union's cybersecurity strategic autonomy and sovereignty;
  • highlights the need for better preparation against cyber-attacks such as the Russian ones in Ukraine, targeting critical infrastructure in particular;
  • believes that investments in cyber defence should prioritise the protection of EU citizens and critical infrastructure;
  • considers raising citizens' awareness of cybersecurity crucial in reducing exposure to cyberattacks, and calls for cybersecurity education curricula and lifelong training programs that will focus on improving cyber skills and knowledge, and
  • believes that strong cooperation with NATO allies in military areas must focus on full coordination and reciprocity, joint R&D&I projects, best practice sharing, large training programs and simulations of cyberattacks, with the main objective being to extend the common response capacity.