Gender equality strategy

EESC opinion: Gender equality strategy

Key points


  • calls on the Commission to implement the Gender Equality Strategy;
  • recommends adopting gender mainstreaming strategies and advocates a intersectional approach to gender equality;
  • encourages the Commission and Member States to ensure that the gender perspective is integrated in COVID-19 recovery measures;
  • calls for a stronger commitment to gender equality in the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, in the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights, in the Commission's six priorities for 2019-2024, as well as in the recommendations of the European Semester;
  • calls upon the Member States to adopt specific measures to improve educational and careers' guidance to counter gender segregation in education and employment;
  • calls for action to remove the digital gender gap and to embed the gender perspective in the digital and artificial intelligence agendas;
  • calls on the Commission to urgently proceed with the proposal to introduce binding measures on gender pay transparency;
  • urges the Commission to adopt initiatives to eradicate violence against women;
  • recommends a systematic approach to care policies (including pay transparency, public services, infrastructure, taxation, transport, the digital and artificial intelligence agendas and EU funds);
  • calls the Commission to support the labour market participation of women with disabilities, Roma and migrant women;
  • finds that positive actions based on legislative, budgetary, voluntary, organisational and cultural measures are necessary to counter the low representation and participation of women in decision-making bodies;
  • asks the Council to proceed with the discussion on the directive on gender balance on corporate boards;
  • encourages the media and advertising sector to adopt codes of conduct and ensure gender balance in decision-making bodies;
  • asks the European Institute for Gender Equality to include in the Gender Equality Index a focus on gender equality in the media.