Gender inequality in access to financial markets

Press release

Existing literature shows that there are gender inequalities in access to funding. However, there are different views on its root causes. These gaps include financial literacy, entrepreneurship and investment. For instance, women-led businesses only raise 2% of venture capital in the EU, are less likely to apply for a loan, and usually invest less in financial markets and tend to conform less risky portfolios.

On Wednesday, 15 November 2023, the ECO Section of the EESC will gather institutional and non-governmental actors to discuss on gender gaps in the access to funding and on investment, its economic and social impacts and how public policy could provide solutions to improve the current situation.

The debate is accessible via webstream. No registration is needed.

The speakers confirmed are the following:

  • Agnieszka WOJDYR, European Commission, DG GROW
  • David HALABISKY, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Selma PRODANOVIC, Vice-President, European Business Angel Network

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