White Paper Questionnaire

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  1. Which of the five scenarios set out by the White Paper best meets from your perspective the internal and external challenges facing the EU, and why?
  1. Would another scenario, not mentioned, be possible and preferable? If so, why? How do you see trust and confidence being fostered within the Union?
  1. Is more visibility of and better communication on the European Union required, and how?
  1. Are the policy areas referred to sufficiently comprehensive and illustrative? How would you rank them in a scale of importance? Is there a major policy area not mentioned or insufficiently highlighted? If so, which one and which of the five scenarios would best suit its development?
  1. Regarding "the way ahead", how should the "Future of Europe Debates across Europe's national Parliaments, cities and regions" be structured? What role should organized civil society play in the “way ahead” and how?
  1. What are your particular expectations as regards the outcome of the consultation?
  1. How can the citizen be more empowered in the shaping of the future of Europe?