The Commission's Strategic Foresight Report (SFR) 2022

The hearing will deal with the topic of next year Strategic Foresight Report, as indicated at the end of this year report ("The next annual Strategic Foresight Report will focus on the key upcoming challenges and opportunities that Europe will face in the decades to come, providing strategic insights relevant for strengthening the global role of the EU."), so to offer to the Commission a timely and proactive input aimed to make the all process more participatory and open.

The hearing  will focus on the economic and social aspects that could reinforce the role of the EU and notably on what strategic decisions need to be made to ensure a socially and economically sustainable Europe with a stronger role in the world in the coming decades.

More specifically, the hearing will discuss:

  • Economic sustainability understood as managing the transformation of the economy to ensure it remains within the planetary boundaries.
  • Social sustainability understood as the result of appropriate policies that ensure the affordability and wellbeing for current and future generations over the long-term, in order to enable the sustainability pathways.

Speakers will represent social partners and other civil society organisations as well as representatives of all the EESC Sections/CCMI so to provide a wide array of views throughout the all policy spectrum.